Assistance and Services

The Franklin Township Trustee’s Office provides a service unlike any other unit of government called Township Assistance. Township Assistance is a program that allows residents in Franklin Township, who are suffering financial hardship, the opportunity to apply for relief of their need(s) for shelter, utilities, and other basic necessities. Many refer to this type of service as Temporary Assistance because it is provided as a temporary or short-term remedy. Those individuals and families who apply for this assistance must prove that they are unable to provide for basic needs through personal effort and that they have exhausted all other means.

To provide direct assistance for rent and utilities, the Trustee needs to determine that unforeseen circumstances have led to a financial difficulty and that short-term aid will help residents get back on track.

Eligibility for the other programs offered by the Trustee (burials, disaster and relief) is focused mostly on financial need.

Specifically, our office will consider the following factors when determining eligibility for rent and utility assistance:

  • Is there an immediate need or emergency?
  • Is there a demonstrated financial need?
  • Did unknowable circumstances or unplanned events lead to financial hardship?
  • Will short-term assistance help sustain residency in Franklin Township?
  • Is there a future ability to maintain the household?

We know every resident is in a unique situation, so we carefully review all factors, needs, and requests before making a decision. Due to limited resources, our office is forced to use the Strict Guidelines explained above. However, we will always guide residents to other available resources and programs if we are unable to provide direct assistance. Those who do not meet the requirements are referred to other programs and are provided with a list of alternative community resources. In Franklin Township, we facilitate partnerships with local churches and charitable organizations in the community to assist our efforts in providing services to those in need.

Franklin Township strives to provide assistance in the most economical means possible.  With the help of our community partners this allows us to stretch our tax
dollars and fill more needs of the community.

Assistance may be provided to eligible applicants in the following categories:


In Franklin Township, eligible applicants may receive assistance with rent or mortgage payments. Depending on the size of the household and the  assistance needed, a variety of shelters and missions are available. For more information, please follow this link.

School Clothing.

School Clothing vouchers may be provided for eligible students attending public schools for grades K through 12 and living within the boundaries of Franklin Township.


Assistance may be provided for utility bills in Franklin Township as long as the bill is in the applicant’s name, and the applicant’s residence is current. Verification will be required.

1. Utility must be in the applicants’ name or an adult member of the applicant’s household.
2. All able-bodied adults must actively be seeking employment.

Burial/ Funeral, and Burial/Cremation

Assistance may be available for indigent individuals who lived in Franklin Township and are without the means necessary to defray funeral expenses. Must meet eligibility requirements.

Community Room Usage

Township Assitance

Emergency Food Pantry

Community Room